We are fully licensed and provide new & old Music Videos ranging from the 1950's to current including many different genres. We offer singles, extended mixes, remix services and more all which are Serato and Virtual DJ ready.

Demo / About Us

Xtendamix is a 2 in 1 service that provides high quality mixable music videos to DJs, VJs, nightclubs, bars & anywhere else that uses music videos. We call it a 2 in 1 service because even if you don't use the videos, you can still use the audio from the videos. All of our audio and video files come directly from the labels with zero compression. This is why you will notice that our audio and video quality is the best in the world. Our two main priorities are; customer satisfaction and audio & video quality!

When editing our videos, we use the version best suited for a club environment while extending the video with intros and outros and eliminating breakdowns, talking and sound effects caused by visuals in the video. Our videos are saved in high quality MP4 format which makes it easy for users using Serato, Virtual DJ, Traktor and other mixing software's to integrate into their program. All of our files are ID3 tagged with the song information including; Artist, Title, Label, Year, BPM, etc. Our audio is in WAV format which has zero compression & when compressing the MP4 file we use 320KBS AAC or higher. Video file sizes will vary but will come in around 100-140 megabytes per video for standard definition (SD) and around 150-180 megabytes for High Definition (HD).

We take requests! At Xtendamix we take requests very seriously and fulfill over 95% of requests made. If their is an official video for a song, we will find it!