We are fully licensed and provide new & old Music Videos ranging from the 1950's to current including many different genres. We offer singles, extended mixes, remix services and more all which are Serato and Virtual DJ ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Xtendamix work?

When you purchase a membership you get access to all of the videos on our site and will also be able to choose the videos you want to download. We add approximately 20-30 videos per day ranging from the 1950's to current and all different genres & languages. We don't have any offline or blackout videos, every single video is available to you all the time.

How do memberships work?

You will need an active membership and credits to download. The membership allows you to download music videos from the website. The credits are the amount of downloads.

There's 3 ways to pay. PayPal, Credit Card or EMT (E-Mail Money Transfer).
When you pay with a credit card or PayPal, you enter into a monthly billing cycle and will be billed the same amount every month until you cancel the cycle. At the end of your cycle, if you don't renew, your download privileges get suspended and you can't download until you renew your membership. The credits always remain in your account, but can't be accessed until the memebership is active again. We also have 3, 6 and 12 month memberships available which is cheaper than going monthly and you get all your credits up front.

What are credits good for?

1 credit = 1 full line download. For example, all SD files on the same line of the same song will use the same credit. Likewise, all HD files on the same line of the same song will use the same credit. A credit is only counted when the download starts or gets added to your queue. You can download each file 2 times without losing additional credits. So if your download fails, or you are out and need to download it again, you can. It will grey out after the first download but remain available if you need to get it again.

What if I have extra credits or need more credits?

When your billing cycle renews, you will automatically receive additional credits. If you have unused credits, or you purchase additional credits, they will remain in your account and roll over to the next month. As long as your membership is active, you can use them. If you don't renew your membership, the credits will remain in your account but won't be able to be accessed until you become active again. If your account is expired for over 90 days, all remaining credits will expire.

What if I want to cancel?

If you would like to cancel your membership, just click the cancel button under "My Account". Your membership will continue and you will remain active till the end of the billing cycle. So if you cancel on the 15th, but your billing cycle ends of the 22nd, you can still download and use your membership until 11:59pm on the 22nd.

What if I play an event that doesn't have video?

That's OK. Some locations don't have screens but you can still play audio from the video. You still play the same files, the only difference there's no video output. Essentially, Xtendamix is 2 in 1 service, except, it's even better because now if someone asks you to play video, you are already prepared for it and ready to go.

What if there's a video you don't have? Can I request it?

Yes. We have a request section that we check every day. We fill about 90% of the requests that we get. Some requests can even be filled with the same day. We check our database to see if the video is available to use, then we check with the labels for approval. If everything passes, we start to work on the video and get it up for you as fast as possible. We also respond to every request that comes in with an "Approved" or "Denied" so you know the status of your request. If the video is available and we can use it, we will. If not, then there's nothing we can do at this time, but hopefully things will change down the road.

What if I only wanna try it for a month or take certain months off?

You can do that too. Subscribe and cancel within the first month, or cancel any time and your billing will stop moving forward. You can use it as little or as long as you want.

Can I share or trade my downloads?

Absolutely not! When you download a file, an invisible watermark is entered into the file. If that file shows up on the internet or a copy if made for another user, it can be traced back to you. Even re-encoding or re-tagging the file won't get rid of the invisible watermark, so it's your responsibility to make sure the files don't get out. The labels do periodic audits and we have a download log of every file downloaded, so if you play a file that wasn't downloaded by you, then you are subject to penalties and a life-time ban from the website.

What if I travel? Can I still access the site from other countries?

Yes. The site is not Geo-locked so regardless of where you are, you can login using your username and password and download your videos.